The projects

These projects will start the prototyping period in September.

CH+ Games for Democracy

CH+ Games for Democracy uses game mechanics for political self-education and helps voters select their ideal candidates during elections. CH+ is based on co-design and invites users to be part of the design process. 


E-collecting will enable the secure and simple electronic signing, validation and counting of popular initiatives and referendums on campaign platforms.

Fair Election

FairElection creates a tool for political organisations to select candidates according to their self-chosen criteria of diversity or the diversity of the Swiss population. Everyone can use the tool to simulate the results of a past election by modifying these same diversity criteria.

Q & A Bundeshaus

Q&A Bundeshaus develops a platform through which citizens can address questions or concerns directly and publicly to parliamentarians.



Voty brings democracy to schools and promotes the understanding of democracy among the youth in a sustainable way through three modules: learning  + testing + living democracy.