With baloti, people without voting rights can learn and experience Swiss direct democracy through mockup referendum votes in ten languages. strengthens transparency and democratic control over the human rights performance of Swiss companies, based on the new non-financial reporting obligation.

Forum for Inclusion

Forum for Inclusion makes people without voting rights more visible in Swiss democracy by providing them with a platform to voice their opinions on popular votes.


Citympact puts a simple tool in the pocket of every GenZ citizen to make their voice heard on projects and issues affecting their municipality.


With VelObserver, residents can rate bicycle infrastructure and continuously check its planned expansion.


With VoteLog, civil society organizations can assess parliamentarians’ voting behavior. The ratings are visualized and help to form public opinion.

CH+ Games for Democracy

CH+ Games for Democracy uses game mechanics for political self-education and helps voters select their ideal candidates during elections. CH+ is based on co-design and invites users to be part of the design process. 


owlly enables digital democracy by holistically promoting electronic signature collection for referenda and advocates for optimal e-collecting framework conditions in Switzerland.



FairElection creates a tool for political organisations, civil society organisations and companies to select candidates according to their self-chosen criteria of diversity/representation. In addition, everyone can use the tool to simulate the results of the latest National Council elections (2019) by modifying these same diversity criteria.



smartask develops a platform through which citizens can address questions or concerns directly and publicly to parliamentarians. brings democracy to schools and promotes the understanding of democracy among the youth in a sustainable way through three modules: learning  + testing + living democracy.