Projektstatus: Idea Release In use brings democracy to schools and promotes the understanding of democracy among the youth in a sustainable way through three modules: learning  + testing + living democracy.

#Round 1 

Democracy is one of Switzerland’s most valuable assets. But how can we excite our youth to engage with the democratic possibilities? aims to improve the understanding of democracy for children aged 12-18 years with 3 modules:

Understanding Democracy: How does democracy actually work in Switzerland and why is it so precious? We develop an online toolbox to teach political education in classes (Sek-1, Gymnasium, Berufsschule) to motivate our youth to understand and discuss the building blocks of our political system using existing and newly created learning material.

Testing Democracy: Only adult citizens may cast a ballot. But young people have an opinion too! School classes can cast their vote on on current national ballots an then discuss the results. We are interested in what the next generation thinks on current political topics.

Experiencing Democracy: Who decides at your school? Are students invited to propose initiatives and discuss them? We would like to experiment together, how we can bring democratical decision processes to schools in Switzerland (concept phase).



  • Stefan Niederhauser, Project Lead and Technology
  • Roger Wiezel, Design & User Experience
  • Urs Wildeisen, Educational Lead
  • Barbara Reichen, Pedagogue and Artist

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