Selection criteria

Formal criteria

The formal criteria are checked by the Prototype Fund team before your project is evaluated by the jury:

  • Does the project serve the public good and address a societal problem in Switzerland?
  • Does the project propose an open source solution?
  • If the project uses data, is it based on open data?
  • Do the applicants fulfill the formal criteria (Swiss work permit & above 18 years old)?

Selection criteria

Given that the formal criteria are fulfilled, your project will be rated according four dimensions which carry equal weight in the final decision:

  1. Societal impact of the project – What added value does your project generate for society in Switzerland?
  2. Innovation – How new and exciting is your idea? Does the project improve existing solutions by making them more effective?
  3. Realisability and Team – 
    • Does the project team have the necessary skills to implement the idea?
    • Can the idea be realised within 6 months?
  4. Sustainability – Do the project and the project team have the potential and a plan to last beyond the project period?

Diversity of projects and project teams

The jury will also check that the final selection of projects fulfils the following criteria:

  1. Diversity of projects: Does the final selection cover a diverse set of projects? 
  2. Diversity of teams: When we decide between projects of comparable quality, we favour interdisciplinary teams with individuals from under-represented groups.
  3. Moonshot character: Does the final selection of projects include one project with a particularly difficult implementation but an especially high potential impact?