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Demokratis makes it easier for citizens to participate in federal consultation procedures in order to better influence the legislative process.

#Round 3 

The consultation procedure is a fundamental, but lesser known integral part of Swiss democracy. While in theory the consultation procedure is open to everyone including private citizens, almost only organized interests make use of this right. An important reason is the high barriers to participation: The process is paper-based, formal, and time-consuming.

Our project would like to put a spotlight on citizens and smaller associations and make it easier for them to participate in consultations and influence the legislative process at the federal level. 

Demokratis is a web platform for all who want to make their voices heard on specific issues. We are not only committed to enhance today’s process with deliberative cooperation but would also like people to work directly with official documents. This should keep contributions on topic and of high quality. The challenging goal is to find a delicate balance between ease of use and the quality of contributions.


  • Fabian Ligibel
  • Marc Beauverd
  • Maximilian Igl
  • Jonas Schmid
  • Lorenz Schäfer
  • Florian Schulz

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