Projektstatus: Idea Release In use


smartask develops a platform through which citizens can address questions or concerns directly and publicly to parliamentarians.


#Round 1 

Many citizens feel poorly represented by politics. Our platform offers them the opportunity to address their concerns, issues and ideas directly to members of parliament. The platform thus promotes direct dialogue between these two groups. This is a contribution to a modern, participatory and inclusive democracy characterized by dialogue, proximity and transparency. Finally, it would open up opportunities for political participation to groups or individuals without voting rights that are currently insufficiently represented.

Tools such as smartvote have done much to improve transparency. However, it is not always possible to assess politics in a yes/no grid or in ratings. Our platform offers the possibility to ask politicians directly specific questions or to voice concrete concerns. The politicians thus receive valuable input and the opportunity to respond in an equally nuanced way. This leads to less polarization and to more political participation, engagement and dialogue and consequently to more trust and satisfaction in democratic processes.


Michael Erne, Politools, Projekt Lead
Carine Hunziker, Politools, Project collaborator (implementation/content)
Jan Fivaz, Politools, Projektmitarbeit / Beratung (implementation/content)
Giorgio Nadig, Liip, Product Owner (technical development)
Flavio Muff, Liip, Business Developer (technical development)