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With baloti, people without voting rights can experience Swiss direct democracy through mockup referendum votes in ten languages.

#Round 2 

A large part of the Swiss population does not have voting rights and needs to wait for 10 or more years to acquire them. Turnout for referendum votes among naturalized Swiss is very low which means that migrants arriving in Switzerland lost interest in Swiss politics in such a scenario. We therefore suggest to make Swiss referendum politics more accessible with the help of baloti – a voting platform for Swiss national referendum votes in 10-12 widely spoken languages among migrants.

We there will build a user friendly platform where migrants can practice direct democracy in a secure way. We will create a nice UI/UX responsive web project with tigh integration to Electis – an open source next-generation voting system. To make it a successful we plan to team up with famous media outlets among migrants such as Swissinfo. They will help us to push baloti to our target audience.



  • Thomaskutty Sebastian
  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Serdült
  • Kaj Maring
  • Fiona Hilpertshauser
  • Pedro Cordeiro


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