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Crossroads is a story-driven game in the field of interculturality with the aim of promoting social cohesion.

#Round 3 

As a detective, players have to solve a mysterious case in Antarctica: a scientist has disappeared from the research station “Crossroads”. At different locations, and through dialogues with people from all over the world, players gradually unravel the mystery.

We live in a multicultural and multilingual world and different views shape our thinking and behaviour. This can lead to stereotypes and discrimination. As a project in the field of interculturality, “Crossroads” wants to contribute to social cohesion. With a research-based, story-driven and playful approach, attention is drawn to the cultural diversity of our world – in the classroom and beyond.



  • Robbert van Rooden
  • Robin Burgauer
  • Rouven Bühlmann
  • Christof Chesini

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