Projektstatus: Idea Release In use brings transparency to the sustainability reporting of Swiss companies and analyzes whether they report on human rights and environmental issues, as required by the new non-financial reporting obligation.

#Round 2 

We are building a digital platform that collects and analyzes the sustainability reports of Swiss companies and shows whether Swiss companies report on environmental and human rights issues, as required by the new non-financial reporting obligation.

With the introduction of mandatory non-financial reporting, Switzerland is following suit with the law that has already existed in the EU since 2014. However, there is a great lack of transparency in the area of sustainability reporting: it is unclear which companies are specifically subject to the law, there is no central registry of sustainability reports, and there is no official body that systematically analyzes sustainability reporting.

As a result, it takes a lot of time and effort to get an overview of which companies actually report on sustainability issues in accordance with the provisions on non-financial reporting. This lack of transparency also makes it very difficult for civil society to scrutinize sustainability reporting. closes this information gap and empowers civil society.

The digital platform identifies, collects, analyzes and publishes sustainability reports of hundreds of Swiss companies and makes data on non-financial reporting accessible.

Based on this data, enables the analysis of corporate reporting in Switzerland and thus allows civil society, authorities, legislators and last but not least the business community itself to get a fact-based and always up-to-date insight into the development and progress of non-financial reporting in Switzerland.




  • David Weiss
  • Cahit Atilgan
  • Dina Pomeranz
  • Miguel Vazquez Vazquez
  • Kobbina Awuah
  • Deborah Kistler


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