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Inclusive Trip Planner

Inclusive Trip Planner enables people with motor disabilities to plan individual trips and thus participate more actively in social life.

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What is the problem you intend to solve?

For people with motor disabilities, planning a stay in Switzerland is long and complex. Information is not centralized and search tools are not adapted to a tourist context. As a result, people with reduced mobility either prefer to travel abroad, where it is easier to get information, or they go to the same places over and over again or even give up traveling.

The current offer includes turnkey trips and group trips. In the first case, the stays are not very flexible and often too expensive. In the second case, because they force users to stay within a circle of people with reduced mobility. In both cases, the offer is restricted and based only on their mobility constraint, ignoring their personal preferences.

Why do you think it needs to be solved?

The social inclusion of this part of the population also involves leisure activities. Offering them the possibility to plan their stays in a simple way contributes to this.

It is also necessary to promote local tourism in order to face the current ecological challenges. It is not acceptable that a whole part of the population renounces to make stays in their own countries for lack of information and adapted planning tools.

Moreover, the Swiss tourist regions are actively looking for solutions to conquer new markets and improve the share of tourism. This tool will allow them to capture a new market that is extremely receptive. Moreover, with the aging of the population, the share of people with motor disabilities is constantly increasing and the market is growing.

How will you solve it?

We are developing a tool that allows users to plan a stay in Switzerland based on their mobility constraints and personal preferences (region, budgets, type of activities, types of restaurants, etc.). We use accessibility data from Pro Infirmis, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), and various tourism and service providers. We also integrate new specific missing data that we collect.

In practice, the user enters information about his mobility constraints and preferences. Ideas for trips are proposed to him that he can then personalize.


  • Elodie Auer
  • Denatsha Shan
  • Aurélie Savioz
  • Alain Fresco
  • Quentin Girard
  • Sinan Ucak

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