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Climate Gains

Climate Gains aims to make the financing of Swiss climate projects abroad simpler, more democratic and more efficient, thus contributing to the achievement of Swiss climate goals.

#Round 3 

We are building a climate fintech solution that replaces text-based application writing, reporting and validation with a video based verification and reputation mechanism. For last mile projects it reduces costs to access climate finance and increases revenues from emissions reducing activities. For regulators it reduces uncertainty by offering a better solution for risk management and discovery of hidden wins.

How we will achieve real-world impact

We will make emissions reduction happen 10 times faster than now to enable countries and organisations that have committed climate finance to meet their climate commitments.

  • Massively increase % of climate finance that goes to actual work on the ground as opposed to what is now spent on just paperwork.
  • Speed up the process for evaluating and getting promised money to people doing action on the ground from 3 years to 3 weeks.
  • Make climate finance accessible to people who do not have money to hire expensive consultants.


  • Tim Reutemann
  • Nadia Alter
  • Owen Gothill
  • Matthias Ansorgs
  • Nico Schottelius

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