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Forum for Inclusion

The Forum For Inclusion is a web platform that lets people without voting rights share their opinions on national votes: with anonymous voice messages.

#Round 2 

Without voting rights, but not without opinion: About 35% of the Swiss population cannot participate in national democratic decisions. The Forum For Inclusion wants to give these people the opportunity to express themselves and thereby raise awareness for the issue: is it still acceptable who is allowed to participate in the political process and who is not?

It is also an experiment: can simple design adjustments enable respectful discussions on a digital platform? Online spheres are not necessarily known for respectful interaction. The Forum For Inclusion therefore does not use comment or like functions and does not follow a market logic that seeks to maximise interaction time.


  • Jeannie Schneider
  • Vinzenz Leutenegger
  • Flurin Hess
  • Kadira Mujkanovic
  • Paolo Rüegg

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