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Forum for Inclusion

Forum for Inclusion makes people without voting rights more visible in Swiss democracy by providing them with a platform to voice their opinions on popular votes.

#Round 2 

Due to the lack of political rights, public awareness as well as media coverage rarely touches on the opinions of politically excluded people. Moreover, these groups often lack political interest representation.

Forum For Inclusion is a web-forum where politically excluded persons can share their opinions about current federal votes (referendums and popular initiatives).

Our users can record their opinion, which will be checked against our community guidelines and then be displayed on the forum. While only politically excluded people can upload content, the platform is open to everyone to browse these recordings and listen to them. We also highlight the predominant collective opinions based on questions such as ‘How likely are you to accept this initiative?’. In this way, we aim to give a holistic view of opinions prevalent in politically excluded groups.


  • Jeannie Schneider
  • Vinzenz Leutenegger
  • Flurin Hess
  • Kadira Mujkanovic
  • Paolo Rüegg

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