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Citympact puts a simple tool in the pocket of every Gen Z citizen to make their voice heard on projects and issues affecting their municipality.

#Round 2 

Citympact is a digital platform that aims to increase the low level of political participation at the municipal level of Generation Z in Switzerland. Doing so allows young people to give their opinion directly on concrete projects submitted by public authorities and sign or launch petitions to change things. The results are shared directly with the authorities in charge of these issues in the municipalities. In this way, public authorities benefit from a direct communication channel with the new generation of citizens and recreate engagement with communal policy issues.

Our team designed Citympact after noticing a gap between the desire of Swiss youth for political impact and their low use of the political tools at their disposal. Young people engage in political causes in novel ways on social media platforms. However, at the same time, turnout in Swiss municipal elections has dropped by more than 40% in the last 30 years. This is worrying because, as Switzerland consults its citizens more than any other country, a low turnout means that a small fraction of the population determines the outcome of a myriad of crucial issues for the country as a whole. This could even lead to the collapse of our democratic system.

In line with the UN’s 16th Sustainable Development Goal, which explicitly calls for “public access to information” and “representative decision-making”, we are convinced that Citympact will bridge this gap and boost political participation in Switzerland.



  • Johann Roduit
  • Alexandre Luyet
  • Orlanne Perey
  • François Farquet

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