Demo Day 2023

23.02.2023, 17:00, Bern (tbd)

This year’s projects will present the prototypes they have worked on during the last six months. Save the date and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on the event.

Past Events

Demo Day 2022

24.02.2022, 17:00 – 19:00, online

More inclusion, transparency and democratic control! This year’s projects will present the prototypes they have worked on during the last six months. Join our Demo Day and be the first to test their open source tools, get to know the teams and contemplate the future of Swiss democracy together!


17:00 – Workshop on Futures of Democracy

What should Swiss democracy look like in 2050? What do we have to change to get there? Let’s contemplate the futures of democracy together! The results will be incorporated into the planning of a diverse, decentralized, and immersive „Futures of Democracy“ festival taking place in 2023.

18:00 – Project Pitches

  • With VoteLog, civil society organizations can assess parliamentarians’ voting behavior. The ratings are visualized and help to form public opinion.
  • VelObserver is a tool that lets cyclists rate the quality of the cycle paths in their municipality and thereby evaluate its bike-friendliness.
  • The Forum for Inclusion is a web platform that lets people without voting rights share their opinions on national votes: with anonymous voice messages.
  • Citympact puts a simple tool in the pocket of every Gen Z citizen to make their voice heard on projects and issues affecting their municipality.
  • strengthens transparency and democratic control over the human rights performance of Swiss companies, based on the new non-financial reporting obligation.
  • With baloti, people without voting rights can experience Swiss direct democracy through mockup referendum votes in ten languages.

18:30 – Project Demos: test the tools in break out sessions

19:00 – “Apéro”: end and informal exchange

Demo Day 2021

02.03.2021. Did you miss the Demo Day 2021? No problem: You can watch the whole event including the project pitches and the debate on civic tech below.

Civic Tech Debate (Deutsch)

Inputs and interactive discussion with Daniel Graf (WeCollect, PublicBeta), Jörg De Bernardi (Bundeskanzlei) and other friends of democracy

Project pitches and Q&A (English)

smartask develops a platform through which citizens can address questions or concerns directly and publicly to parliamentarians.

FairElection creates a tool for political organisations to select candidates according to their self-chosen criteria of diversity or the diversity of the Swiss population. Everyone can use the tool to simulate the results of a past election by modifying these same diversity criteria.

owlly enables the secure and easy electronic signing, validation and counting of popular initiatives and referendums for campaign platforms and offers a holistic e-collecting approach for Switzerland.

CH+ Games for Democracy uses game mechanics for political self-education and helps voters select their ideal candidates during elections. CH+ is based on co-design and invites users to be part of the design process. 

voty brings democracy to schools and promotes the understanding of democracy among the youth in a sustainable way through three modules: learning  + testing + living democracy.