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ImpACT collects and links open data on Swiss democracy with the interests of citizens and shows them how they can effectively participate in it.

#Round 2 

impACT is a digital solution aiming to solve the problem of low political participation amongst Generation Z in municipalities in Switzerland. To do this, it will address the decentralization and inaccessibility of political information at their roots. The platform will centralize previously disparate data by extracting, cleaning and aggregating open data from the Swiss Federal Statistics Office, the Swiss parliament, the cantons and municipalities. And, it will make politics more approachable by concentrating fundamentally on the things individual citizens already care about — and redirecting them accordingly towards tangible political opportunities. This will be made possible through tools like “values profiles,” which will display specific information and targeted actions according to users’ values and interests.

The idea for this project came about after our team noticed a disconnect between Swiss youth’s desire for political impact and neglect of political tools. Young people are engaging with political causes in novel ways on social media platforms. But, meanwhile, voter turnout at Swiss municipal elections has fallen over 40 per cent in the last 30 years. This is troubling because, since Switzerland consults its citizens more than any other country, low voter turnout means a small fraction of the population determines the outcomes of myriad key issues for the entire country. It could even lead to the collapse of our democratic system.

In line with the United Nations’ 16th Sustainable Development Goal, which calls explicitly for “public access to information” and “representative decision-making,” we’re confident impACT will bridge this gap and revive political participation in Switzerland.


  • Johann Roduit
  • Alexandre Luyet
  • Orlanne Perey
  • François Farquet

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