06.May 2021

Talented people, cool ideas and only 10 days left to apply!

There are only 10 days left to apply and receive up to 100,000 CHF to prototype your civic tech project for 6 months! We are looking forward to fostering your ideas on how to strengthen participation and Swiss democracy with open source solutions.

The deadline is coming closer and there are still a couple of talented people eager to join a team and cool teams looking for talented people to advance their project. Read about them below and get in touch. Together you can apply until 16 May!

Cool team(s) looking for talented people

Vardon and Ninja (Butterfy) are looking for a Frontend Web Developer (50 – 100 %) and a Backend Web Developer (50 – 100 %). Help them build a web application for discovering meaningful content, that is powered by their new nonprofit business model for media. Sourced and curated democratically by the crowd, not by an algorithm or a newsroom. Send them a message: .

Talented people looking for cool teams

Hannah and Nina are hailing from the realm of organizational / culture change and business innovation. Industry expertise ranges from SaaS Startups to NGOs, over academic institutions to insurance providers. They transform ideas into real product roadmaps and help to understand, convince and involve decision-makers and key stakeholders (like your users). Shoot them a message on LinkedIn.

Lukas is a (digital) communications expert, working for large institutional clients and trying to make eGovernment a reality. Specializing in tech communications and Social Media, he’s very keen to make public affairs more public. Send him a message: .

Marie-Aude is leading User Wizard, a mentoring program for career switchers to UX. She coaches UX/UI Designers and UX Researchers who are looking forward to taking part in your projects, improving your design and writing while building their portfolio. Get in touch via .

If you are also looking for team members please reach out to us and we will try to support you in finding them.